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Catching Dreams

Every person has dreams and is striving to make them real.

Sometimes we fail and sometimes we live our dream. Dreams are showing us the direction for the long journey of our life. What are you dreaming about?

On our journey through Europe we discover the world, unique personalities and walk undiscovered paths. We are accompanying all kinds of interesting people, be it a musician, an artist, a rocker, a surfer, a stripper, a backpacker or a snake whisperer that live their own dream wholeheartedly.

Catching Dreams Website

chima catching dreams part 3

Catching Dreams Part 3

Catching Dreams ist ein Projekt von Authentic Productions. Sie begleiten Menschen auf der ganzen Welt und dokumentieren deren …

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Catching Dreams Part 1

Catching Dreams Part I ( with English Subtitle) from Authentic Productions on Vimeo.

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Trailer: Catching Dreams

Trailer Catching Dreams from Authentic Productions on Vimeo.