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The forgotten

28 Sep 2011 / in

Bahaedin has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 15 years. In his native Afghanistan, he was a soldier, thrown into jail and brutally tortured by having acid poured into his eyes. This caused the loss of his sight. Despite this, the physical and mental abuse continued.

In these desperate times, his entire family was killed, leaving Solamani orphan of his peers and merely existing. He now lives in a little apartment, his only possessions a table, a couple of plastic chairs and a bed.

He spends most of the day standing in front of the window, praying for a soulmate with whom he’ll share a life and help to get rid of his loneliness.

Due to his blindness, his small flat provides him with just the comfort and security he needs. Feeling insecure outside of his flat, he moves very slowly, as if he was surrounded by mist.

This is one of many stories about immigrants in our communities who feel cut off from society because they have somehow been forgotten. To deal with such parameters is a drama for every human being.