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Rainbow Gathering

06 Feb 2013 / in

Scouting Team of the 5th Peace in the Middle East Gathering

The original Rainbow Gathering happened in 1972 and has been held in the United States ever since. Other regional and national gatherings are held throughout the rest of the world.

The Middle East Rainbow Gathering is even more special than a normal Rainbow Gathering. People from Iran, Israel, Turkey and the rest of the world come together to create a bridge between all communities, to promote peace and freedom in the Middle East.

Rainbow Gatherings always take place outside, somewhere in the middle of nature, far away from civilisation, for the period of one month. People get

together to share, celebrate and experience living without the need for leaders, money or modern conveniences. Alcohol, meat, drugs and electronic gadgets are not allowed.

Before every Rainbow Gathering a few people get together. They call themselves the scouting team. Deep in the Turkish forest, over 1200 meters high, the scouting team tried to find a perfect place for the 5th Peace in the Middle East Gathering.